Boutique 16ème has established itself as a prominent multi-brand store concept in Lebanon, providing a premium selection of children's clothing from various top international brands. The company's inception in 1999, starting with the introduction of the high-end French clothing brand Tartine et Chocolat for kids, has led to the exclusive representation of multiple renowned clothing brands for children aged 0-16.

Boutique 16ème prides itself on offering the finest materials and fashionable details, ensuring that parents have a vast selection of choices when it comes to dressing their children. With an impressive brand portfolio, including well-known names such as Kenzo Kids, Paul Smith Junior, Lili Gaufrette, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Jean Paul Gaultier, Magil, and Il Gufo, Boutique 16ème has made some of the best international clothing brands available to its customers in Lebanon.

In recognition of the evolving nature of the retail industry, Boutique 16ème embraced the convenience of online shopping and delivery in 2019, enabling customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience from the comfort of their homes.

As Boutique 16ème continues to expand its customer base and brand portfolio, it is always exploring new initiatives and ways to provide an even better customer experience.